One piece chapter 874 Predictions & WCI arc conclusion.


 So we saw that in 873 that Big mom is throwing another tantrum, and what’s even worst, there’s no cake to cool her down this time, even if pudding will be able to make that cake, it’s going take a few hours before that happen, Which will be enough time for a “luffy vs Big mom” 
I honestly think that she going viciously attack them, which will destroy, or atleast hurt, their transportation (King Baum) with her sword, Nepoleon (Her hat), that’s if luffy or Sanji don’t try to stop the attack (like what luffy did with cracker when he tried to cut off pound’s head).

 Luffy and the others will be baffled and ignorant to her condition and Jinbei will be the one to explain her sickness. Possibly Sanji will go ahead and try making that cake while luffy hold her off, but I strongly believe that her minions will be standing in their way and stopping them from doing much, they (minions), atleast most of them, of whom will also be wiped out from an impact/effect of Another BM-luffy clash or by another mindless attack of her like from before.
Thus her sons and daughters will be the one to fight Sanji & co. It’s hard to say who will be fighting who for now, but I’m hoping that it’ll be a:

  • Reiji vs. Smoothie
  • Nami vs brûlée 
  • Sanji vs katakuri 

We know katakuri will be going in Luffy’s direction (with brûlée) but Luffy will be fighting BM, so I’m putting my money on the idea that Sanji will be the one to protect luffy from a sneak attack (maybe a fatal one) from katakuri (since zoro isn’t there). What’s more, Sanji has been taking a lot of “L” since dressrosa and he haven’t got his time to shine, other than the fact that the WCI arc surrounds him. So to make up for all that, Sanji needs a really good fight, what’s more at his current ‘known’ level he’s won’t be much help to Luffy in the future if he can’t defeat a Yonkou commander on his own. And let’s put it out there that The hype on katakuri is bigger than the hype Jack got. Maybe because of his looks, or probably cause of his bounty. (For me, I think it’s both)

  • The sunpirates will be coming to assist Jinbei and company. 

Luffy going to need something above Gear 4th to fight BM since touching her means losing his stamina/energy. So Im guessing either Gear 5th or awakening (maybe both) coming soon. 

In the end, luffy going to win against Bigmom, as a result Morgan will publish a detailed article that will spread across and stunned the entire world. As usual, we might see reaction clips/panel from:

  1. Luffy hometown: every big announcement with the Straw hats in the past, always shows the east blue reactions.
  2. The revolutionary army: No doubt this will be glorious news for Dragon, Sabo and Ivankov to hear how far luffy has progressed.
  3. Fujitora: Well we know he likes luffy. And we haven’t seen him since he went on his Aimless journey.
  4. Garp: We haven’t seen him since the marine ford arc. It would be good to get an update on him.
  5. World Government: Their reactions is always frustration at all the news of the straw hats. Being a yonkou now, they will surely realize he’s become a bigger threat than anticipated.
  6. Marines (Akainu): Various marines have been following the Straw Hats movements; Coby, kizaru, smoker and most definitely akainu. (Maybe even Aokiji)
  7. Members of SH grand fleet: They need to see that how their boss is doing, and now officially working for a yonkou.
  8. Zoro & co. At Wano: Can definitely see Zoro being pissed at luffy for having such a big fight without him being there. Robin doing that cute giggle saying that was expected since it’s luffy. Usopp freaking out but at the same time happy. Law smiling at the news. 
  9. Kaido: It’s unknown how kaido will react to this, since both Big Mom and Luffy are his enemies. But he’ll definitely recognize luffy as a force to reckon.
  10. Blackbeard: Doing his usually laugh (zahahaha) realize he going to meet them again soon. 
  11. And lastly Shanks: Just like Garp, we haven’t seen him since the Marine Ford arc, I’m sure he’ll be stunned to know that luffy his now recognized by the world as a Yonkou just like him. 

The winner, Luffy, will take Big Mom’s position as a yonkou. As for the losers, maybe they will be captured by CP-0, ultimately resulting in the end of the BM pirates. 

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