Still don’t think luffy gonna defeat Big mom? Read this..


Well it’s official, we are definitely going to see a “Luffy vs Big mom“. Many believes that luffy wasn’t going to fight big mom cause she was way too strong for him. But I agreed that she might be super strong, But I failed to see how and why Oda-sensei would create an arc with her as the main antagonist and then end it without her being defeated. 

Again, yes, Big mom is seemingly way out of luffy’s league, but wasn’t all the main antagonist in pervious arc (except hody) ? It’s what builds the characters hype. Luffy was always defeated at the first encounter; don’t remember? 

1. Arlong arc: He messed by getting his feet stuck in the ground and arlong threw him in water. Sanji & the mayor had to save him.

2. Alabasta arc: Crocodile nearly killed him, TWICE! Had to be saved by Robin the first, and share luck on the second (when crocodile obsorded all the fluid in his body)

3. Skypeia arc: Got his hands stuff in a golden ball and toss off the ship. 

4. Thriller bark arc: he got his shadow stolen. Despite moria being the weakest shishibukai. 

5. Waterseven arc: Who can forget when Rob Lucci destroyed both Luffy and zoro single handedly. And even at Enles Lobby, luffy was push to the brink of death. 

6. Dressrosa arc: Lets not forget that luffy was beaten and toss out of the palace by doffy, then again, in the water well, Luffy threw a punch at doffy string clown which was easily and effortlessly counteracted.

In all the moments, especially water seven and dressrosa arc, Oda made it obvious that Luffy is beneath the main antagonist and had to come up with a new technique in other to defeat him. 

So in my honest opinion, yes, it was expected Luffy to lose at the first encounter of Big mom (she stole his energy/stamina in chapter 871 page 12)And just like that he gonna learn that gear 4th is not enough to beat her. Which will ultimately result in him thinking of some fighting method to defeat her without touching her, Gear 5th maybe?? 

Lastly, he has the crew, in terms of numbers to be on Yonkou level. All he needs to do is defeat a Yonkou. Morgan is there to broadcast the news to the whole world and it’s after WCI arc then luffy would be recognized as a Yonkou. 

Who actually think that someone beneath admiral level has a chance of beating someone like Kaido, when Big mom her self implicitly implied she herself couldn’t. Quote: “You lot will never take down that thing” (chapter 871page 12)

So this is where luffy has to prove himself that he has what it takes to defeat a yonkou. If he can’t beat Big Mom, he has -0.001% chance of beating Kaido. 
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