The Different power levels in One Piece and who falls in that level. 

In One piece there is a various wide range of characters with unique traits playing different roles. These roles, traits, bounty and most importantly their power/strength level are what give each character their “hype” (popularity). The different power levels displayed in one pieces are as followed:

  • Vice admirals level

This this the weakest of all the levels,  though some of the characters in this level are and even stronger than a shishibukai, most of the vice admirals are not as strong as compare to characters in other groups. In my opinion the top vice admirals level character are: momongo, sanji, ichji, pica. & vergo

Ps: I think Sanji is still improving, but the fact that he had a hard time defeating Vergo, I don’t think he could beat a shishibukai level character on his own.

  •  Shishibukai level

This is the next level after vice admirals. Among all the shishibukai, the one that ranks the lowest is Gecko Moria. So in this sense, I honestly think he’s more of a vice admiral level. However the ones that top shishibukai levels are: Magellan, Boa honcock, Urouge, Basille, Bege, Jinbei and ofcourse Law. IMG_6123

  • yonkou commander level

This is the level were you’re recognized as a true badass. Even though in this case, most commanders are on par with some admirals, example: Marco vs Kizaru & Ace vs Aokiji. So the gap between commander and admiral is small, cause their are some commander that can beat an admiral, and their are some commanders that I can’t imagine beating and Admiral, Example, Cracker & Smoothie. No matter how much I picture it, There’s not an admiral I can see those two beating. But the top tiers in the commander class are: Doflamingo, Jack, Zoro, Marco, Ace and ofcourse Katakuri. 

  • Admiral level 

This level is the “Do not F$&k with me” level. Every pirate below commander level quiver at the name of an Admiral. These are the power house and the back bone of the Navy. Only a handful of character are able to fight on par with an Admiral. The top flag bearer of the Admiral class are: Aokiji, kizaru,

Fujitora (Unless you have a logia type devil fruit, you’re gonna have a really difficult time beating him)

mihawk: the strongest of all the shishibukai.

Sabo: This guy easily defeated a yonkou right hand commander effortlessly, made him look weak. Honestly at that time I thought yonkou commanders were jus another pirate riding on the names of their captain until I saw Jack and katakuri)

~But ofcourse as I said, their are some commander that are Admiral levels aswell. Ace and Marco can win against Aokiji. Without seaprison stone, kizaru attacks can’t do Marco anything despite cladding his attacks with haki. And still don’t see how kizaru laser can damage jozu diamond strong body, he does have speed over jozu though. But can he break jozu’s defense?~

  •  yonkou level 

This level is the most hardcore level of them all. Not many are able to attain this level but some have. The top yonko level characters known are: Big mom, shanks Sengoku, Akainu, Kaido and ofcourse Dragon.

~Maybe at his current age, Rayleigh might be a commander at least, but the fact that he was able to stand his grounds against kizaru at his old age make me wonder how strong he was at his prime. So I think Rayleigh falls between commander and yonkou level, maybe now he can’t fight against a yonkou, but possibly at his prime he could’ve. Lets keep in might that he was Shanks previous mentor~ 

  • pirate king level 

One of the criteria of becoming pirate king is beating and becoming stronger than all the previous levels mention. So far only 3 are known to be on this level. They are:

  1. Gol D. Roger– first ever to be crowned pirate king, the one who set the trend in the first place.
  2. Garp: the Only man that Ever Cornered Gol D. Roger.
  3. And my favorite of them all, Whitebeard: the only that was said to have rival strength to roger. The Guy destroyed Akainu and made him his little b*tch, with two holes in his chest, fighting sickness and old age and My man still manage to died standing, despite the countless cannon ball hits, sword wounds and bullets he took. 

Lastly, I think luffy is currently between commander and admiral level, he defeated a commander yes, but until he defeat a yonkou, I can’t see him at yonkou level. That commander which he beat, is one of the two commander that I mentioned That can’t beat an Admiral, cracker, and let’s not forget he took 11 hours and couldn’t defeated him without Naomi’s help.

Please keep in mind that the list of people are just examples. Ofcourse there are characters that are worth mentioning. For example: Pre-time skip Rob Lucci being shishibukai level. Furthermore, Your opinion might differ, and I respect that, please respect mine!

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