Doflamingo Vs Cracker

The first contender is probably the evilest and one of, if not the Most top rated antagonist in One piece so far. Even though he’s a shishibukai, His power/strength puts him at commander level, furthermore he’s smart and resilient in battle at the least to say. This contender is none other than Donquixote Doflamingo with a $300M+ bounty. His ito ito no mi allowed him to be a string human. img_5980

His opponent is ranked at commander level, with a jaw dropping $800M+ bounty. Cracker, 14th son of the Charlotte family, Minister of Biscuit, 1 of the 3 sweet commander of The Big Mom Pirates and also the eater of the Bis bis no mi. By becoming a biscuit human, he’s has the ability to create countless of really hard biscuits dolls that he can control, thus have the ability to create a powerful army at his fingertips, but has a strong dislike for pain.img_5979

The Fight:

Imagine, doflamingo doing “over heat”, Cracker (biscuit body), with his biscuit shield can easily block that as he did with luffy’s red hawk. And because cracker is in his biscuit armor, doflamingo “parasites” won’t have much effect if he tries.
The only way I can think of Doffy breaking Cracker biscuit armor is by using his awakening and turning everything around him into threads, and try to tie Cracker down, or atleast his hands, and then use those string tentacles to break that armor. Though cracker may heighten his defense with his armament Haki to protect himself from the tentacles, Doffy can still break the armor in different ways such as pulling Cracker limbs apart or twisting them in positions until the joints break.

Crack is now out of his armor.

Question is, Is cracker countless amount of hard biscuit clones enough to take on doflamingo’s awakening. In my humble opinion, he can create as much clones as he wants, but Doffy can turn the entire surrounding, including the ground into strings and immobilized all those clone.

So now Cracker is backed in to a corner since his clones are useless. It now depends on his fighting /hand-to-hand combat/ swordsmanship abilities. And we all know, Doflamingo excels in fighting hand to hand and can easily maneuver around his opponent’s swordplay (like he did with law). And from what we’ve seen, Cracker does possess 1 of the 7 great swords, but it doesn’t seems like he’s a great master swordsman, or if he is, he’s not in the league of Zoro, vista or muchless mihawk. As shown, he’s mostly into jabbing, he famous sword move is called “pretzel roll”, which I can’t imagine catching someone like Doffy as easily as it caught luffy. Again, From what we’ve seen, he’s heavily dependent on his biscuit army and/or armor, hiding behind them due to his sensitivity to pain.
But on Cracker defense, Doffy tentacle strings can’t pierce Cracker due to his incomparable Armament Haki. But still, Doffy being serious he wouldn’t let up on cracker and would eventually gain the upper grounds. Though Doflamingo would get some serious damage aswell, but this is where is resilience and ability to ‘stitch’ his wounds come into play. So in the end, Doflamingo would win this one.


*PLEASE NOTE: the battle scenery was drafted from what we’ve seen each character did in the video/manga and is completely Based upon opinions. You’re opinions might differ, and I respect that, so please respect mine!*

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