Sabo vs. Doflamingo

Introducing the second in command of the Revolutionary army and brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portegas D. Ace (RIP), Sabo. img_5991

Secondly, Captain of the Donquixte Pirate, Former king of Dressrosa, Former shishibukai, the Heavenly Demon, Doflamingo.IMG_6127

The fight:

Sabo throw the first “first fist”, but was easily avoid by Doflamingo by going mid air, which he then quickly uses “over heat”. Sabo turns himself in flames to avoid damage from the attack, then fly towards doffy to attack him with his flaming pipe mid air but was blocked


So many would agree from what they’ve seen in the dressrosa arc, that both opponent would not be an easy match for the other. But let’s keep in mind that this is ‘fire vs string’. The only string I can think of that might be resistant to fire would be the ones used as bars for the ‘Birdcage’. Other than that, I’ highly think the regular strings can be burn, especially if they can be broken. (Luffy broke them. Twice! While fighting Bellamy and Before King Kong gun).

But let’s consider the only defense Doflamingo has that could protect him from the fiery fury of the mera mera no mi is his awakening. His special “spider wed” is only effective in blocking solid objects, like rocks, rumbles etc. So it’s possible that Sabo can keep Doffy on the defense. Furthermore, Even though Doflamingo may be ranked Commander level due to his strength and resilience, Sabo fought toe to toe with an Admiral, even though None were fighting seriously, they destroyed n burned a portion of the city. Then shortly after, Sabo fought with a yonkou right hand commander, and defeat him with little or no effort, Which is something to Notice. So in terms of power, and this fight Sabo wins.

Winner: SaboIMG_6128

Disclaimer: The fight scene was drafted from imagination. My opinion may differ from yours, let us just respect eachother opinions.

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